about AdvisorTarget

AdvisorTarget is a response to a commoditized B2B sales and marketing environment in asset management.

Advisors are constantly inundated by sales and marketing messages, most ultimately doomed to be less than concise to the buyers' immediate interests or easily differentiated from competitors.

AdvisorTarget captures, profiles and signals active buying behaviors among advisors based on their daily editorial reading habits on select financial websites. Our Patented (cookie-free) data capture technology, plus advanced data science practices, combine our original data signals with firm-specific priorities, forming a custom data intelligence solution for each client.

Our solution continually surfaces timely, organic demand capture opportunities. Industry leaders, our clients, have proven our actionable data signals are over 96% correlated with actual asset purchases. Truly effective 1-to-1 distribution and marketing activities result, driving mutually beneficial advisor relationships by replacing an untimely volume of communications with timely, desirable information sharing and customer service.

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Duncan MacDonald-Korth, CEO

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